About Us

We are a creative agency that speaks to you on a personal level. And not just that, we enhance your digital presence with professional photography and videography. No matter how big or small your company may be, we will listen and provide effective and efficient solutions through our services. We strive to build brands out of the box. 

If you will like to know us more, we are a family of creative junkies and we want you to bite us. Bite into our passion, and allow us to assist you to make your mark in the industry. 

Having mentioned the points above, with a strong passion for photography and videography, we do not limit ourselves to shoot solely for businesses. So if you fall in this category, don’t be shy, hit us up in the contact form below~!

Our People


Wayne Koh

Managing Director & Founder

The combination of coming from the SME business world and a master's degree of Innovation from Singapore Management University has encouraged Wayne to start HopVation. A company that helps and brands businesses on a personal level to their needs.

Kenta Tan

Kenta Tan

Content Director

Kenta’s obsession with sound has led him to not only be musically inclined, but has also led him to be the friendly audio guy from HopVation! Apart from the daily sound productions done in HopVation, Kenta also engages in creative inputs (Brainstorm, framework, etc.) for HopVation’s clients to grow and brand their business.


Jeremy Fong

Media Director

Photography and Videography, terms that have always been a part of Jeremy’s life. Jeremy has worked with video production houses and has assisted with the production of local dramas and movies.