Our Services

With our services, you can finally focus on other aspects of your business operations. Let us do the branding for you with what we can offer below. 

Instead of having the traditional transactional relationship, we are looking to be your marketing/branding partner with what we are providing. Let us strive together in the new age, in the digital world! 

As mentioned in the about us page, if you are looking to take on our photography and videography options that are not business related, reach out to us! We provide non-business photography and videography services as well.

Social Media Management

In a well-connected world, social media is a MUST for most businesses. HopVation is here to help by customising your social media plan to your business needs.

For every client, a new framework is developed in accordance with their requests, industries, as well as inputting our recommendations (for approval).
We aid in measuring, sorting, monitoring, strengthening, posting, social media advertisement management and driving your social media presence.

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HopVation offers in-house professional photography and editing services for your specific businesses and personal events! Be it for business or personal purpose, professional photography can help you record those moments, products, services, etc. beautifully.

We are having an ever-growing range of equipment, so as to ensure businesses can market themselves professionally via social media, website, etc, and personal memories can be remembered beautifully with the photos we have taken.

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HopVation offers customised videography and editing services to tell your business and personal stories. With a strong passion for thinking out of the box, we are able to produce various types of video to help you reach those objectives.

Through our creative brainstorming session, we will also come out with video ideas for your approval to help you stand out in your industry, family and/or circle of friends! (Eg. Short film, Advertisement, how it works video, event, birthday, etc.)

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Graphic design

The quintessential service to boost your business in the utmost bespoke manner! Be it a logo, EDM, poster, brochure, cover, GIF or even wedding artwork, we are here to the rescue! 

Be it in the digital world or for print, we customise artworks and designs to our client's requests.

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