A DrBrand

There are no unattractive people, just lazy ones…. Alright, hang on, before all of you get your keyboards out and fire in our direction, let us first explain this “ideology”.

Same goes for most things, beauty can be seen as a lifestyle. Like going to a gym or learning a musical instrument, You have to be consistent in order to see results; Neither would see the light of day if there were no effort being invested into. In a nutshell, think ’you are what you eat’, your appearance is based on your consumption of aesthetics~ Whew, we certainly hope this put the case of laziness-being mentioned on the first line-to rest….

Even with that, we are quite sure there is still another group of people lingering around this subject. So let us address that second elephant in the room right here, right now!! They are the “I am not lazy, my financial output just cannot keep up with what the beauticians put out!!”… Maybe you can give up that morning cuppa caffeine boost for it? Perhaps then, you can finally declare yourself as Sleeping Beauty of your school or workplace (Tee hee). Well, what more can we say? Isn’t life all about balancing?

Okay okay okay, D’you know how oh-so-sudden, we became well-versed (SOMEWHAT) in this topic? Our secret is working with the beauty giant, A DR Brand.

It all happened so fast. From the day we first enter their sophisticated and open-plan office, to being “ambushed” by at least a dozen of their staffs during our pitch to them, to where we are now, things are definitely fulfilling!

The DrBrand has definitely brought HopVation up to date in the beauty, hair and spa industry. We are extremely pleased to be working alongside with such brand that is so committed to building brands that set out to inspire and provide a wholesome experience for their users. It isn’t any wonder why they want to be labelled as everyone’s beauty Best Friend Forever (BFF).

By looking at their milestones, achievements, staffs, etc., we are reminded on why every moment is worth capturing. That is always an amazing part of being in HopVation, we are able to grow together with our clients.

What We Did:

Photography + Videography