Boyle’s Coffee & Love Bites

Imagine this, it is 2pm, you are in a busy lecture hall with all your fellow classmates panic-stricken towards the upcoming 5,000 words paper (that is up in 3-2-1 hour). And there you are, feeling a little more exhausted than the rest due to endless procrastination. “Oh what a life!”, you SCREAM to yourself. What is the reason for the torments?  Could it be the lack of a conducive working environment?? Or that you were tired or even hungry??? Well, guess the only thing to do now is to look forward and learn from the mistakes of the past aye? 

Located at the prominent spot of SMU Li Ka Shing Library, introducing Boyle’s Coffee and Love Bites! This trendy and chill cafe is ready to serve you that boost you need! With their newly rolled-out Love Platters (Mix and match selection), pastries, to the cool-cool-cool Nitro Brew Coffee, you are sure to leave the place fresh (just ask our photographer, Jeremy, who got to try out all the delishhhhhh right after shooting them).

Also, instead of just having the conventional equipment, they have state-of-the-art machines such as the Mavam Espresso Machine! It looks so much like a DJ setup that you’d know they are real (Hahaha!).

As always, we are so proud to have this awesome bunch on board with us! Watch out for Don and Dhea (the founders) when you are around, they are one of the nicest peeps around!!

*WARNING: Look at the pictures of the delicious food at your own risk!* Enjoy!!

What We Did: 

Social Media Management + Social Media Marketing + Photography + Videography + Graphic Design

Facebook – BoylesCoffeeandLoveBites

Instagram – boylescoffee_lovebites

Some of the many photos of Boyle’s Coffee & Love Bites: Click Here!