Luxe Montre

Here we go again touching on the topic of time~ After all, why wouldn’t we?? It is a magnificent subject to discuss upon. Time is the essence of our existence (so to speak).

Well, please allow us to ”Long talk, cut short” and announce that we are entering the world of horology again (Yay!). 

This time, it is the wonderful and classy Luxe Montre. Located at level 4 of Orchard Central, this sophisticated store is house to many opulence watch brands including Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex. Whew! Fortunately, we are no strangers to this industry (look back to ’Drago Design Timepiece Servicing’ post)! 

It was definitely an amazing, yet nerve-wracking experience handling those very expensive watches! We should state by now that…. THEY HAVE A RICHARD MILLE IN STALL THAT HAS A PRICE TAG OF A MILLION! Talk about ”bringing home everywhere you go” amirite??

In the aggregate, we are so honoured that we are partly responsible for their grand-grand-grand opening and that we got to meet people from all walks of life such like MediaCorp Artiste, Jeremy Chan, whom eventually becomes their brand ambassador!

Take a look at the photos and moving photos (A.K.A videos) to WATCH everything in action!

What we did: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Ads Management, Photography, Videography and Influencer Management.

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Some of the many photos can be seen: Click here!


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