The Write Way

Let us introduce Miss Esther Quek, the woman in the spotlight!

Other than being a creative and dynamic individual, she is also a firm believer in broadening the potential of a child. As an English educator who truly appreciates the language herself, she wishes to instil the same confidence into her students.

Here is a list of feats she has accomplished:

1) She has helped most of her students attain A/A* for PSLE 

2) She has a Bachelor of Arts in Education (Honours) Degree from National Institute of Education (Singapore). 

3) She majored and specialises in English teaching and curriculum writing at the primary level 

4) She has taught in various Ministry of Education (Singapore) schools and contributed to their English department 

5) She has created resources in line with the Upper Primary STELLAR programme 

6) She specialised in teaching English to Primary 5 and 6 students 

7) She has taught not only in Singapore, but in an international school in Shanghai as well 

8) Apart from her teaching career in schools, she has 10 years of experience teaching private English tuition to primary and secondary school students 

9) She believes in healthy parent-teacher relationships and communicates frequently with her students’ parents to better help their children 

Having everything listed out, here is the good news – The Write Way SG is founded by Miss Esther! You can only expect to be awed by her special set of philosophy, vision and curriculum when you enrol your child in! As a matter of, we were even considering the possibility of us joining (haha!). Okay seriously, check her out!


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