YMCA of Singapore

Well, what more can we say? YMCA needed a series of videos to showcase the award receivers of the ”YMCA – Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme” and you bet we were going to be there!

It was truly an astonishing experience to film each awardee in an interview format. They are:  

  1. Bal Bagary – Country Manager, Barclays Singapore and Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific Barclays Bank 
  2. Anup Kumar – Mentor, Allspice Institute
  3. Emmanuel Ang Kah Eng – Volunteer, Youth Development programmes
  4. Kwan Fey Mun – Volunteer, International Service Programmes

Amazing, it was (some Yoda language there) getting to know people from different walks of life, doing the same amazing thing.

All in all, we are really glad that our cameras and mics were in front of these pleasant people as they gave us insights into their noble feats! Oh, and don’t get us started on our videos being played during the evening of ceremony~